Mace+Carmichael is a full-service public relations agency in the southeastern United States. We provide services to clients of all sizes and reaches, from schools, restaurants, artists and spas to national brands and community events. We handle everything from initial branding needs and logo development all the way to executing the tactics outlined in an integrated communications strategy.

Clients find success in our integration of both new and old PR practices. We utilize emerging technologies and custom plans to align our communications strategies with your business goals. We spend time learning about you and your industry, and we develop creative strategies that are fresh and insightful.

Investing in a public relations plan helps better prepare your business for both crisis situations and day-to-day media concerns. When executed properly, PR tactics position your business as a stable and consistent player within your industry. In turn, consumers of the media will generate revenue and grow your company. If external PR practices do not concern your business, consider an internal communications strategy to boost employee relations.

It is our goal to apply our strategic process to your business in a way that allows us to provide a direct, measurable value to your company through a focused communications plan.

If you think PR is a smart decision for your business, contact us today.